JumpStart Student Success provides clarity and answers for students frustrated by lack of academic success through a compassionate and honest approach to psychoeducational evaluations.

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My passion in starting JumpStart came out of listening to parents talk about their journey once their child was diagnosed with a learning difference. There was a common sigh of, “Now what?” My hope with this venture is to help parents understand who their children are as learners through psychoeducational evaluations, and guide parents in what steps to take to help their children thrive.

I’m excited to have Allison Dickey working with me on testing and evaluations! Alison and I have known each other for years, and I’ve always appreciated her insights and attention to detail.

I have been in education my entire professional life, working with students of all grade levels, all with unique and special needs. I have had the great fortune of working with families over time, and I’ve seen students blossom and grow into strong and successful learners through successful application of learning strategies, along with a little grace. I’ve witnessed students discover their passions and strengths and realize that all great minds don’t think alike. A learning difference simply means that you learn differently, and that is a good thing. – Jennifer Premo

Words from clients

“The evaluation you did for our son made such a huge difference. It did exactly what it was meant to do: It gave him a much greater understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, confidence that he does possess intelligence, ways to help himself, and the methods to get the most help from others.” – Gina Ayliffe, Fredericksburg, Texas

Early Childhood Battery

For pre-K through kindergarten, provides insight into a child’s learning style and whether they have characteristics of a learning difference.

Extended Psychoeducational Battery

For individuals ages 15+, designed to support needed accommodations in high school and college as well as on high-stakes entrance exams.

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