Full Psychoeducational Battery

This comprehensive test battery is primarily designed for students ages 6 through 15 who are suspected of having a learning difference and may need accommodations and/or additional support outside of the classroom. This assessment is approximately six hours long and can be broken into two separate testing sessions.

The results of this evaluation will conclude if the student meets the criteria of having a learning difference/disability and if the student is eligible to receive services from their campus’ student support program or Section 504 in the public-school setting. Recommendations for accommodations and individualized strategies are included based on the student’s needs. This battery screens for attention, focus, and concentration difficulties.

What is evaluated in this battery:

  • Cognitive processing/Intellectual ability
  • Reading, including word reading and decoding, reading fluency and reading comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Criteria for diagnosis of Dyslexia
  • Criteria for diagnosis of Dysgraphia
  • Math calculations, fluency and problem solving
  • Expressive and receptive language skills
  • Attentional differences

What is included:

  • Diagnosis based on the findings, or areas that are at-risk of becoming a learning difference
  • Personalized accommodations and strategies for home and school
  • A written report with interpretation and explanation of each test administered
  • A 60 minute conference with the parents to discuss the results and answer questions

This cost of this evaluation is $1,700 as of 01/23/24.

I do test outside of the Dallas area. In those situations, a travel fee will be charged, dependent on the distance.

To book an appointment, please fill out my contact form or call me at 214.532.6726.

Early Childhood Battery

For pre-K through kindergarten, provides insight into a child’s learning style and whether they have characteristics of a learning difference.

Full Psychoeducational Battery

For students ages 6 through 15 who show signs of a learning difference and may need accommodations.

Extended Psychoeducational Battery

For individuals ages 15+, designed to support needed accommodations in high school and college as well as on high-stakes entrance exams.