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Pencil on Paper Gallery

Pencil on Paper Gallery is an art gallery and studio founded by Emmanuel and Dr. Valerie Gillespie that connects local and national artists through art exhibitions and events. The Gallery also specializes in art studies for students of all ages, highlighting the importance of mindfulness in education for the worldwide community while fostering a love and appreciation for the arts.

I had the pleasure of working with Emmanuel for many years at The Winston School. I saw his passion for art and his ability to help students find a way to express themselves and build their confidence.

Useful Websites


Understood is a community that helps parents and educators better understand learning and thinking differences, including from a child’s point-of-view. The site includes articles and podcasts that provide useful tips and applications. Topics range from homework anxiety to learning remotely, and there are lists of useful apps and Chrome extensions (found under assistive technology). has expanded to include helpful information for young adults with learning differences, including taking notes effectively, staying focused, and how to have difficult conversations with your teacher.

Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a useful tool that allows students with dyslexia and learning differences to download textbooks and required literature for school. The audio with text format enables the student to concentrate on comprehension rather than word decoding.

Tip: Hearing and seeing the text helps build reading skills. When listening to the text, the student also sees the words on the page as they follow along, thereby engaging two senses. For ADHD students, listening to the text while reading also helps them concentrate on the text and absorb the meaning.


ADDitude provides insight into the minds of children and adults with ADHD and hosts frequent webinars on current ADHD topics and research. It also includes information on medications, natural remedies and therapies, as well as articles on health and nutrition. ADDitude provides practical tips on organization, schedules and routines, all of which help avoid meltdowns!

Early Childhood Battery

For pre-K through kindergarten, provides insight into a child’s learning style and whether they have characteristics of a learning difference.

Extended Psychoeducational Battery

For individuals ages 15+, designed to support needed accommodations in high school and college as well as on high-stakes entrance exams.